Teams and Coaches

Teams and Coaches

Team formation events determine the quantity and age divisions of teams. Teams are formed for boys and girls in various age brackets. Coaches may be adjusted based on the team formation process, and offers will include the coach assigned. 

2020-2021 Coaches


  • U11 Beto Estrada
  • U12 Mike Brown
  • U13 TBD
  • U14 Carlos Silva
  • U15 Abe Ledesma
  • U16/17 Abe Ledesma
  • U18/19 Mike Brown


  • U11 Ryan Osborne, Sr
  • U12 Alex Trent
  • U13 TBD
  • U14  TBD, Scott Jensen
  • U15/16 TBD, Ryan Osborne Sr
  • U17 Kyle King
  • U18/19 Eric Bach